The Route

The basic route at present is leave out of Boston on July 5th and head up the Maine coast.  From there New Brunswick and Nova Scotia beckon before heading into Newfoundland via the ferry.  From there it is another ferry to Labrador where I brave the Trans-Labrador Highway up to Goose Bay then down to Quebec.  Following on is Montreal, Toronto, and Niagara Falls. Then I am planning to go off-road a bit and hopefully do the Great Divide while making my way across the US.  The trip will cover Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, British Columbia and all the way to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska.  From there it is all the way down to Mexico… passing back through BC and Washington before taking the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route to California.

Once through Mexico it is all the way down into Panama with stops in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica where I will get to spend a week with the kids.  After making my way through Panama, I will catch a ship to Columbia and make my way down Ushuaia in the tip of South America by going through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.

Once I have completed my South America leg, the bike will be crated and sent to New Zealand where I will meet it.  I will then spend a few months touring New Zealand and Australia before possibly heading into SE Asia or Japan.  All this depends on how much time I have… and if I ever decide to come back 🙂

If anyone has any suggestions of must see things or activities in any one of these far off places feel free to post them.


4 Responses to The Route

  1. Kelly Heffernan says:

    B – is Churchill Manitoba in Cananda too far north???

  2. Kelly says:

    I am glad you are starting to believe you are on the right journey since that will help you get where you need to go! Churchill is on the west side of Hudson Bay and you must go if you can. Prime Polar Bear season is in Oct so you may be getting there earlier than that? The place to stay is the Tundra Lodge and you can get a helicopter trip to see polar bears, caribou, arctic fox… but I am scared for you because when I went it was nothing short of frigid so I am hoping you will not be that far north in Oct.

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