The Bike

My BMW 1200GS Adventure was purchased from MAX BMW in New Hampshire in late April 2010.  So yes, I had very little history with this bike before I planned on leaving.  However, given the legendary reliability of the boxers, I figured I could work out the kinks and do a bit of learning on the road before I hit the likes of Mexico and beyond.  The bike itself had a little over 9000 miles on it when I got it and it came equipped with a host of options including fog lights, new Continental TwinDuro tires, ABS, ESA, Tire pressure sensors, etc.

Given all the research done on ADVRider and other sites, I compiled a list of upgrades or additional equipment for the bike.  They are as follows:

– Micatech Pilot panniers (thanks to Ben Slavin for endorsing them)

– Metzeler Tourance tires

– EZ Touring bike cover

– 2 gallon Peg Packers from BestRest Products (many thanks to Dave Petersen for his advice)

– Grille guard from BestRest Products

– Bash plate and center stand guard from BestRest Products

– Odyssey PC625 battery from Amazon

– Fastway F5 footpegs from ProMotoBillet

– High intensity fog bulbs from BestRest Products

– Kaoko throttle control from Adventurers Workshop

– XL Windshield from CalSci

– Headlight guard from BestRest Products

– PC-8 and 50 amp relay from Eastern Beaver Co.

– SPOT II Satellite messenger from Best Buy

– Garmin Zumo 660 GPS from Amazon

– Cockpit cover, gear lever extension, brake lever extension and handlebar risers from Touratech

So this is the 2008 BMW 1200GS Adventure right after I bought it.


One Response to The Bike

  1. Stan Marshall says:

    Looks awesome – almost as good as my boat. I don’t suppose it has floats to cross the oceans.

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