My name is Brett and this blog documents my trip around… Well it is kind of unknown at this point but I’m hoping North, Central and South America then New Zealand, Australia and SE Asia!

My friends all think I’m nuts and my kids don’t understand it but this is something I have to do to move forward with my life after a very painful divorce from a woman I thought was my partner for life.

I’m writing this blog to try to stay connected to my kids.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I am going to enjoy sharing the experiences in it.


7 Responses to About

  1. Kelly Heffernan says:

    How’s your ass enjoying the trip so far!!

  2. jfassler says:

    You are now my favorite reality program. Best of luck and be safe.

  3. Kelly Heffernan says:

    Still catching up on all of the “READING” and think you must be slacking on the riding part! You weren’t this interesting before; what makes you think we have this kind of time?? My favorite part is the subtle “about” section… But seriously, be safe and try to stay on the damn bike!!!!!!!

  4. Martin from Miami says:

    Hey Brett,how r you,great blog!!Keep enjoying!!Shoot me an email.Cheers

  5. Gary France says:

    Hi Brett,

    We met on California’s Highway 1. I am the English guy riding around the USA. Currently I have done more miles than you, but I suspect you will overtake me soon. This is my blog…. http://garysusatour.blogspot.com

    I wrote something about meeting you on my blog. On there, a couple of people have asked for your blog address. If you don’t mind them having it so they can follow your travels, let me know and I will pass it on.

    Have a great trip.


  6. Simon Marchant says:

    I had Thanksgiving dinner with your folks last Thursday and they gave me this blog address. What a brilliant adventure, I am very envious. I can’t seem to pluck up the courage to ride my bike from South Carolina to Florida – this will help. Keep the wheels down and best of luck.


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