So for the last five days I have been having upper abdominal pain that won’t go away. I’ve tried every trick in the book but it is getting worse, not better. I finally broke down and decided to go to the doctor. I went to find help from the hotel staff but somehow none of them knew of any English speaking doctors in San Jose. Next stop was the British Embassy’s website where I managed to scrounge up a list of doctors. Out came the iPad maps and off I walked in search of a doctor. Of course, the doctor I wanted was nowhere to be found and after explaining my problem to a local pharmacist he directed me to the nearest hospital emergency room. Actually, my Spanish had improved enough to the point where the conversation went fairly smoothly so that was the silver lining, I guess.

I arrived at the hospital and fortunately they had both staff and doctors who were fluent in English so my concerns about how to say “no diarrhea” in Spanish were put to rest :). Two hours later and a battery of IV drugs, an EKG and blood tests revealed absolutely nothing! Grand total… a measly 365 bucks!!!!! Try getting that in a US hospital. I know where I am going for my next liposuction :). So, off I went with three prescriptions in hand; one for stomach acid, one for a stool softener and one for 14 vials of “good” bacteria for my intestinal tract. I kept telling them that maybe I had a parasite but they insisted that since my white cell count was normal that was not possible. I didn’t believe them.

That evening I met an American guy who was in on business and ran a very unique website at http://www.americanrhetoric.com. He is a linguistics professor and has created the only website in the world that aims to publish every single important speech of the English language. He is expanding to Spanish and various other languages. Check it out if you want to know who said exactly what. We spent the evening together having dinner and watching the football game before heading out on the town. I really can’t say what happened after that 🙂


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