Clayton! How does he know my name?

First things first. If you do not have kids you will not get the title of this post šŸ™‚

The next day was spent nursing my sore muscles from the day before and just generally relaxing. The rain was pouring at times but let up enough for me to ride into town and get the pictures from the day before. As I was riding in, there were two BMW’s behind me but when I turned off they turned the other way. In the afternoon, I did a zip line excursion with Ecoglide. Again, someone who is afraid of heights probably shouldn’t be zip lining at heights of up to 200 feet above the jungle. It was pretty cool even though it was raining near the end. One part was especially nerve wracking. It’s called the Tarzan swing and somehow I volunteered to go first. Basically, you stand on this platform that is built into the side of a hill and they hook your harness to this rope that is attached to a giant tree branch. You then are forced to hold on to the rails while they open the gate that is stopping you from falling forward. You inch forward until your heels are on the edge and then you sit down and swing like Tarzan while screaming your lungs out. It is quite scary and a few of the tour group refused to do it. I can’t say I blame them because it is quite scary at first and you swing really, really high. It was a fun experience and I know the kids would have loved it.


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