Wet and wild

My tour bus picked me up at 6:30am and a group of about 20 of us headed deep into the jungle to begin our long day of adventure. The weather was cool and it rained on and off all day long. It didn’t really matter because the first half of our day was spent in the lost canyon where we got to rappel down four waterfalls. Now, seeing as heights make me nervous, you would have thought that rappelling was not something I would enjoy but even the 220 foot waterfall turned out to be very fun. Just as fun was the hiking/scrambling through the jungle and streams with the rest of the crew. It was nice to meet people from around the globe and everyone got on quite well. The hardest part of it all turned out to be the hike back up 🙂

After lunch, we jumped back into the jeeps and headed to the Rio Balsa where we climbed into rafts and spent the afternoon navigating class II and III rapids. It was a blast and I decided that I needed to do more rafting while I was still in Costa Rica. I didn’t get back to my hotel until after 6pm and I was exhausted and soaking wet. I had to send my hiking boots to the laundry to get thrown in the dryer. Now if only I could have fit myself in there as well.


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