Coasting in Costa Rica!!!

So I had a good nights sleep and left Liberia full of energy. My destination today was La Fortuna and the area surrounding the Arenal volcano. Every time I have thought about going to Costa Rica, this is the area that I most wanted to go. The natural beauty and adventure draws me to it 🙂

The sun was beating down and it was 90 degrees at 9:30 in the morning. Traffic was light and the roads were good until the turn off for Lake Arenal. As I made my way toward the lake, I relaxed into everything more. I realized that again I had been rushing through countries and not savoring them. Hell, I barely took any pictures of Honduras and Nicaragua!!! So, last night I booked myself in for 3 nights near Arenal and I will force myself to go on some adventure every day… Poor me 🙂

As I made my way through the twisty roads, I finally felt at peace. Maybe it was the jungle around me, maybe it was the beauty of Lake Arenal, maybe it was the pouring rain that had me soaked but I felt at peace. For the first time in a long time, I felt peace. Que manches!!! One of the nice things about my ride was that I finally got to see and take pictures of the howler monkeys. I also ran into some furry friends on the road that turned out to be coatimundi. Coatimundi are a member of the raccoon family, however, the raccoon is nocturnal and the coatimundi is not. The Coatimundi is also called the hog-nosed coon, snookum bear and Brazilian Aardvark and is a native of Central and South America.

After snapping a bunch of blurry pictures due to a wrong auto-focus setting, I stopped for lunch at the German Bakery. I was a little concerned because it had gotten mixed reviews, however, the food was excellent. Even better, Tomas, the owner, is an avid motorcyclista and we shared a few stories. Then, as I went to pay my bill he swooped in and rang the check up himself. He winked at me and said, “motorcyclistas get special rates”. I had a nice German beer, a huge bowl of beef goulash and then chicken in a fruit curry sauce. To top it off, the breads were freshly made. He charged me less than 10 bucks which is unheard of around these parts. Tomas you are the man!

One drawback is I am finding Costa Rica very expensive compared to the rest of Central America. I guess now that tourism is the main industry it is to be expected. The country definitely has a higher standard of living so someone has to pay for that. Anyway, I made it to my hotel around 3 and relaxed in my room watching football for a while. Then I had a great dinner before hitting the hot springs and then bed. I need my sleep as I have a long day of adventure planned tomorrow.


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