Back on the bike

So my Xmas went well with the kids. I won’t bother you with the details other than to say it was a joy to see them, the ex… not so much.

I flew back to Honduras to face the rest of my journey alone but was fortunate to meet a lovely 25 year old English teacher named Jenna on the plane. She spoke about as much Spanish as I did so I was glad to see that if she can live in Honduras then I should at least be able to muddle through my trip. I am apprehensive about not speaking the language but I have been acclimatized to Central America already so everything is not totally new and that helps.

I returned to the hotel to find my bike safe and sound and I quickly set about changing out the windshield for the original one that I had brought back from US. Thanks Chris for shipping it to me. The swap out proved a little difficult because I added a cockpit plate and a head light protector as part of my original modifications. These serve their purpose nicely and also serve to make access to the windshield bolts extremely difficult. It took me at least five dropped nuts before I finally figured it out how to balance a nut on one finger and snake it past the bike frame, wires, etc. After that, I spent the evening talking, laughing and drinking and I suffered for it the next morning as I had to get up early and load up the bike. I saw Jenna off in a light drizzle, my first rain since Alaska! It didn’t last long… The rain that is šŸ™‚

My plan was to make the Nicaragua border at Los Manos and try to reach Leon in one day. That plan turned out to be aggressive :). The drive was about 5 hours to the border and I arrived there to find a young boy named Antonio waiting to help me. Alex had met him during his border crossing weeks before and told him to keep and eye out for me. I was very concerned about the whole border crossing by myself thing but it turned out to be pretty painless with the occasional help of Antonio and another guy. I breezed though in a little over an hour and made my way towards Leon. If I kept going, I could have made it to Leon in the dark but given my last experience with that I made the decision to stop in a town about 2 hours north of Leon. I stayed at the Don Vito Hotel which was a very nice place considering it was 20 bucks for a room.

I had skipped lunch trying to get through the border quickly so I was starving. I wondered around the city streets in the dark until I found a little hole in the wall where I ordered a whole chicken leg, a plate of beans and rice and a beer for the grand total of four dollars and 31 cents! Move to Central America and you can retire being a half millionaire instead of a full one šŸ™‚ I stayed up late watching episodes of Human Target because I had started watching them with my son over Xmas and I was really missing my kids so it took my mind off of things. Things… I hate having “things” on my mind šŸ™‚


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