We left the next morning and headed down the coast toward Tulum. On the way, Alex wanted to stop and do some more cave diving so we pulled in at Dos Ojos about 20 mins north of Tulum. I stayed to work on fixing some small things from my bike crash in Copper Canyon while Alex went for an hour and a half cave dive. Three hours later, he returned frozen to death and feeling worse than when he started. Apparently, his cold got a cold!

We managed to get him back on the bike and we stopped shortly thereafter for lunch at a roadside Chinese place. Now… we are in Mexico and eating Chinese food… makes no sense but we were quite hungry. The food itself wasn’t too bad, kind of bland but edible. I guess Mexicans aren’t known for their Chinese cuisine 🙂 After fueling up, we finally arrived in Tulum just after 4pm. The park closed at 5pm so we paid a reduced rate of 51 pesos and rushed through the park. This Mayan site is the only site on the beach and is supposed to be quite good but I thought it was way over-rated and nowhere near as good as Uxmal or Teotihuacan. In the end, the tall blonde goddess in the tour group ahead of us was the best sight at the site 🙂

The light was now fading so we headed into town and found a little courtyard hotel for the night. The bikes were nice and safe and poor Alex was feeling so ill that he went to bed at 6pm. No worries, tomorrow we have to be up early as we head into Belize and face our second border crossing.


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