We decided to get up an hour later than usual and have breakfast before Alex went to get his new tire before we left Merida. He left around 9am and I stayed at the hotel. At 1:45pm he returned looking frazzled and irritated. Apparently, he had to go to seven different places to find a tire in the right size and then he waited an hour for them to put it on. In the end, he went into the workshop, used their tools and put it on himself. He was a little annoyed. He also got stopped by the Police twice and hassled to no end. Then on his return to the hotel he almost got arrested because the streets were closed to traffic and the police wouldn’t let him through to get back to his hotel. He even offered to push the bike there but the police just abused him some more.

We had a quick lunch and then headed toward Cancun. In the midst of all this, we had somehow missed the fact that we had to also stop at Chichen Itza on the way there. We got to the Mayan site after 4pm so we didn’t have to pay the 15 dollar admission but we also didn’t get back on our bikes until after 5pm and we still had 2 plus hours to get to Cancun. What was that about never riding at night… In Mexico no less!!

We took the $25 toll road and then more fun started. Ever since Tuscon, AZ my gas gauge has been acting strange. Most of the time it is ok but then it gives readings and mileages that are not accurate and change wildly. Before I got to the site, I had 90 miles of gas left. When I left the site, I had 200 miles of gas left. Seeing as how cancun was only 100 miles away I breezed straight past the first gas station we saw. Thirty miles down the road, my gas gauge began its strange behavior and all of a sudden I don’t have enough gas to get to Cancun. No problem, I will just hit the next gas station which turned out to be… Yes, in Cancun!!!!!

So here I am in the pitch black in Mexico in the middle of nowhere pushing my bike well past it’s gas limits. When my gauge said I had no gas left, i still had another 22 miles to Cancun. I held my breath and prayed to God and whomever else was listening that I would not get stranded on the side of the road. I coasted on fumes into the gas station and filled her up. It took 35.86 liters. Now considering BMW says that my bike has a 33 liter tank that is quite a feat 🙂

We headed to the hotel under heavy security due to the climate conference nearby. I had booked on Priceline and got the JW Marriott for $125 a night. Top notch four star hotel with great service and wonderful rooms. I have spent the past few days eating too well, using the spa, relaxing at the pool/beach, playing golf and relaxing in general. Cancun has been quiet as it is low season and we were not here on a weekend. Thurs night saw a significant increase in people and activity so I can only imagine what the weekends here are like.

All in all, I really liked Cancun. A bit expensive and touristy but definitely a romantic getaway spot as well as a party hard spot. If I ever have the need for a romantic getaway I will know where to go. Alex has been quite sick with a bad cold and fever. Cave diving has not helped his situation but hopefully he will get better soon.


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