Mayan overload

We left Campeche a little late and were promptly delayed even further by a police road block. Up to this point, we have had relatively little interaction with the police or military. However, three checkpoints later, we realized that we were now in a more heavily policed security zone. Whether that made us feel better or worse is still being debated. We headed out on route 261 and took the long way to Merida. Along the way we stopped at 4 different Mayan sites, the last and most impressive being Uxmal. Check out my blogroll for more info. By the time it was all over we were on overload. Enough with the piles of rocks!

We rolled into Merida very late and spent the better part of an hour searching for the Kawasaki dealer so Alex could get new tires. Having no luck and it now being dark, we used my GPS to guide us toward the hotel area. Some interesting things we did along the way were we rode next to a motorcycle cop who had a machine gun slung over his back and we made it through several roundabouts / rotaries. In Mexico the rule of the road for the roundabouts is see a gap in the traffic and go for it. Seriously, lanes and who has the right of way mean nothing. It is a wild free-for-all that we survived just fine.

We made it to the downtown hotel district and spent another 45 mins riding around and around and around the labyrinth of one way streets looking for a hotel with parking… no luck! Finally we found the Hotel St. Lucia which has private parking but it was a lovely boutique hotel with rooms going for the princely sum of $120 a night. Now that is nothing for the US but here it is a fortune. Since it was Saturday night, the chances of getting a tire on Sunday were slim so we booked in for two nights and enjoyed the beauty of the hotel and the town itself. There were festivals and parties and all sorts of things going on in Merida so our stay was wonderful. Check out the street dancing below:

Alex got to go out to a club until the wee hours of the morning and I got to lay by the pool, update my blog and watch football. I also got to rest my aching backside 🙂

Tomorrow we get Alex’s bike sorted out and the plan is to end the day in Cancun where we will rest for a couple of days while Alex goes diving and I go sleeping 🙂


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