Ancient civilization.

We awoke fairly early, packed up the bikes and attempted to leave our hotel. However, Alex had noticed that his main frame bolt near the chain was completely missing. Must have gotten jarred out going through Copper Canyon. He fixed it with a bolt that was slightly longer than the original and that ended up getting jammed against the chain when he started riding again. He tried backing it off but it was threaded and only came out about a third of the way. In the end, he left it like that thinking that he could fix it once in Cancun.

After that temporary fix, we headed back from town to the Gate 3 of the Teotihuacan site. We were the second people on the site and it was nice to be able to get pictures with few people in them. We parked the bikes outside the gate and had a local gentleman keep an eye on them while we went inside. We climbed to the top of the Pyramid of the Moon and by the time I got there I was panting heavily. I can’t believe how out of shape I am! Then I realized that I am also in smog infested, 7,000 foot plus altitude and that may also be a factor.

The site itself was incredible. Absolutely amazing how huge and well preserved the city is. At one time it was home to about 85,000 people so you can imagine how big it was. Alex also ran to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun but I stayed down below licking my wounds.

After taking the requisite photos, we got back on the bikes and decided to get as far towards our next stop of Palenque as we could. We only made it to just outside Cordoba but that was far enough. We got a nice clean hotel with internet for $30 and spent a bit of the night walking around the town square and having dinner. I was tired so I went back to the room early and Alex stayed out chasing the ladies for a while.


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