Up, up and away

Sorry for the delay on my posts. Finding a place to stay that has internet is not always easy. Uploading photos and video is even harder. If I do post something I may have to upload pictures/video at a later date.

I filmed the entire town of Batopilas as we left on Sunday. Watch the video below and experience a quintessential Mexican town. Also see a dog try to attack Alex, the local gas station and the bridge you have to cross to get to the town 🙂

NOTE: video coming soon

I was a bit stiff and sore from the previous day’s fall so I told Alex that I was going to take my time going back. I wasn’t sure if going up 3 or 4,000 feet was going to be better than going down it. I was a bit nervous and was very steady at the wheel. I almost dropped the bike twice due to the deep sand and slow speeds I was doing but in the end I managed to wind my way up the goat track in about two hours. You can see a bit of the trip below and also see me passing a truck who would not move over for anyone.

NOTE: video coming soon

Once back on the pavement, I breathed a sigh of relief and Alex and I made a quick exit for Hidalgo. The four hour ride there was beautiful with the road taking us through the mountains and providing some breathtaking views. We managed to get “lucky” and found an auto motel on the outskirts of town. For those who don’t know, auto motels are clean, sterile rooms that have an attached garage (hence the term auto motel) and, at one time, were usually rented by the hour for various purposes. We got a nice double for 25 bucks but also a warning that the owner of the place had his glass door broken the previous night by some thugs shaking him down for protection money.

I settled in to write my blog and make some calls while Alex disappeared off to try and find some food for us. When he returned, he said that he found some really good food but also that he had some info. Apparently, the street vendor that he got our incredible bisteak tortas and burritos from had been hit by the same protection racket and the tienda (store) where he bought our drinks was robbed at gunpoint the previous night. Joy!

With that in mind, my sleeping was not so good but we made it through safely and left at about 7:30am the next day. Our goal was to put some miles under our belt in our effort to get to the incredible archaeological site of Teotihuacan, about an hour northeast of Mexico City. The days ride was long and quite boring. No real scenery to look at and the weather started at 50 degrees and peaked at 91 during the day. We saw a couple of fellow riders headed north and gave them a friendly wave. I wonder where they have been and where they are going? We ended the day riding around the city of Zacatecas and finding yet another auto motel ( for 25 bucks) where we spent the night. Alex went out and scrounged up dinner and also kindly bought me back a beer. It was a1.2 liter Indio beer… He must think I have a drinking in problem 🙂

Today we spent riding another 8 hours and made it to Teotihuacan. We made a few wrong turns, drove the wrong way down an exit ramp and crossed the median twice to make U-turns with traffic whizzing by at 65mph. It is amazing the crazy driving you can do in Mexico and nobody seems to think it is a problem. The stuff we did today you would be arrested for in the US. Alex was extremely proficient with his fuel estimating and basically coasted into town on nothing but fumes! Good planning I say 🙂


One Response to Up, up and away

  1. Joycelyn Marshall says:

    Sounds like you are enjoying having company and that Alex is enabling you to use very little of the Spanish you have learnt. Maybe a good thing!
    Also I think you are testing the number of lives you have been allotted.!!
    Dad and I have enjoyed catching up reading your blog. Hopefully the bullet proof vest and bike will keep you safe along with your renewed faith and understanding you have found along the way. See you in a few weeks. Mum

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