Mexico in a flash

So I have been in El Paso since Tuesday afternoon and have been staying with Alex and his family. I have to say that it has been bittersweet. Alex and his family are vibrant, kind and generous people and it made me miss my family more than ever. I will see my babies on the 14th of Dec but it will seem like a long wait. I love you guys… don’t forget that you are my whole world.

Alex had been rushing around trying to do all the last minute things that needed doing so instead of leaving today, we are leaving tomorrow. We went into Mexico yesterday with all our paperwork and got our entry visas and the bike import permits so tomorrow morning we are just going to breeze right through the border until we hit our first checkpoint. I was a little annoyed coming back into the US after an hour in Mexico because the US immigration officer made me fill out an I-94 even though the last 5 times into the US I haven’t had to do it. Apparently, they have different rules in Santa Teresa, where we were crossing. Then, to add insult to injury, the guy says “that will be $6 bucks”. I was irritated and told him so. I have been in and out of the US probably a 100 times and have never had to pay for the privilege. Bloody scam they have going on down at the Mexican border… the US government ripping off poor Mexicans who can least afford it. Anyway, I won’t have to deal with any officers tomorrow until our first traffic stop and bribe 🙂

Our route tomorrow is going to take us to Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon) to ride in and around a set of canyons that are larger and deeper than the Grand Canyon. Check out my blogroll for more info. I am excited to finally be hitting Central America on my bike although I am nervous about trying to tackle off-road in Copper Canyon on a heavily loaded GSA!!! Hopefully, we will avoid the drug cartels, the road bandits and the corrupt police and enjoy what truly makes Mexico and its people so wonderful. If that doesn’t pan out then the bullet-proof vest I am wearing may help 🙂 You think I am joking don’t you?


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