Reflections for the month of October

1. Have you ever felt the sharp knife of a short life?
2. With love comes hostility.
3. Apparently, you can’t actually drown your sorrows… unless she happens to be nearby 🙂
4. I saw the most beautiful woman ever on a bus in Mexico. Five minutes later I caught her picking her nose.
5. The middle class in China live comfortably on 10,000 or more dollars a year. However, thirty six percent of China’s 1.3 billion people (that’s 468 million people) live on less than two dollars a day. 150 million of them live on less than 1 dollar a day.
6. Marijuana is California’s biggest agricultural product with 14 billion a year in sales.
7. The joy and excitement on my kids faces was worth a thousand times what I paid for that cruise.
8. Want to know how to put your wife on a budget… divorce her 🙂


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