Castaway Cay

We arrived a little late at Castaway Cay for our last full day. Upon seeing the island, the kids were so excited. The Flying Dutchman from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies must have gotten them started. We whisked ashore and headed straight for the Pelican Plunge water-slide area but after a few runs the kids were not all that impressed. Apparently, the slide was too slow and not high enough for them. Spoiled brats 🙂 This was their first run.

We settled on the beach and I promptly watched Alex go into a restricted area and steal a plastic inner-tube to play on. I didn’t realize until later that you were supposed to rent them for six dollars! By that time it was too late and I decided to let it slide. We had a grand time with the kids being in the ring and me trying to spin, bump and drown them.

Then we hurried back to the dock area for our para-sailing trip. The kids ended up going together and I went by myself. It was a blast with the exception of my camera battery running out as soon as I started filming. I managed to borrow a camera and get some pictures but I would have loved to have the video. Oh well. This is all I got.

We had some lunch and then played with two more rings and a couple of Alex’s friends before doing our stingray activity. I thought the kids wouldn’t find it all that exciting but it turns out they really did. I guess feeding stingrays by hand, touching them and then swimming with over thirty of them was pretty cool after all. By the end of the day we boarded the ship and enjoyed our last meal before crashing into bed exhausted.

All in all, the trip couldn’t have gone better. The kids had an absolute blast and are already talking about their next cruise vacation 🙂


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