Revenge of the terds!!!!

Well… I thought everything was going well and then Montezuma’s revenge hit hard and hit fast. It wasn’t until I had spent one day feeling green and then a restless night spent mostly in the bathroom that I realized that I had zithromycin with me. I had to take a day off of school because I simply couldn’t get out of bed and I spent two nights making all sorts of promises to God before he took pity on me and made me feel a slight bit better. I am now able to eat a little bit and only visit the bathroom once every few hours as opposed to a few times every hour 🙂 And to think… I haven’t even eaten street vendor food yet!!!!


One Response to Revenge of the terds!!!!

  1. Most beautiful M says:

    Uh oh…I hope you’re feeling better. Sounds like you’ve been having a fantastic time, up until 3 days ago. You’ll be glad you did the immersion program after it’s over. Stick with it- And keep practicing your vocab! How many chances do you get like this?

    I recently finished reading “Long Way Round” and am now reading your posts with a new perspective.

    Keep posting too! Your readers are still out here.

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