On the home stretch

So I have passed the two week mark and I am glad that I am coasting downhill now. I am not as overwhelmed as I was but it is still a struggle because my memorization of words is poor. There is just so much to absorb and I am doing my best but it is tiring sometimes.

So things I like about Mexico:

Small meals several times a day
You eat lot of fruit
Many historical buildings, churches and museums. Very beautiful.
Everything is so cheap – dollar beers, lunch for 3 dollars, washing my clothes cost 3 dollars, an apartment in the city center is 200 dollars a month
Walking everywhere (I average 1 to 3 hours a day)

Things is dislike about Mexico:

The coffee
The maniac drivers
The women (too short)
The amount of litter
People spitting on the sidewalk

Interesting things:

Urinals you flush with your foot
Street vendors
Mexican wrestling – the most popular “sport” behind soccer
Tortillas for breakfast – huge meal
Trash pickup is during the night
Wild dogs everywhere

I cannot begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing my kids.


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