It’s not just a job it’s a f’ing adventure!

So day two wasn’t much better although I did get a bit of sleep last night. Right now this whole thing feels like a crappy job. I wake up early and walk to school then spend the entire day cramming my brain full of things I barely comprehend. By lunchtime I have a headache. I haven’t been in an academic setting in 20 years and my poor brain simply isn’t used to thinking this hard for this many hours straight.

I will adapt no doubt but after spending all day in class I find it very hard to try to practice and study vocabulary at home because I am simply sick of it by then. However, I realize that my lack of vocabulary is exactly why I am struggling so it’s a double edged sword. I guess this weekend will be spent memorizing vocabulary. I need to memorize 500 words a week!!!!!

For the first time, I am really homesick. I was walking to school yesterday and I passed an elementary school. The sounds of children laughing and playing caused me to miss my kids terribly and I had to wipe away the tears as I walked away. I really, really, really miss mi familia. This is going to seem like the longest 4 weeks of my life.


3 Responses to It’s not just a job it’s a f’ing adventure!

  1. Mum says:

    Now walking up that mountain is looking like fun! Alex saw your photo taken on top of the mountain and we printed two, one for him and one for Alicia which he proudly took home. Dad and I laughed so hard over your earlier Sept. blogs; if laughter IS the best medicine we are both now very fit.!!!!!!!!
    Hang in on the Spanish – which is worse -being in that school or being in a jail in Central America – don’t answer that right now. The children are excited and it is only 3 weeks and 1 day before you see them; you can impress us all with your Spanish.

  2. Ben says:

    Keep at it man! You’ll be fluent in no time and riding around Mexico like it’s your day job…. wait, it is your day job! I’m in Baja now and loving the latin life!

  3. Jonathan Cooper says:

    Saludos mi amigo!

    500 (ciencientos) words a week?!!!!!! The only two important words you need to know are:

    Conio and Joder! First is a noun and is something that you shout at anyone who cuts you off whilst you are driving your bike (here’s a clue: sounds like hunt!!).
    The second is what you shout when you are frustrated or angry when, for example, you jam your finger in your bike chain when you are struggling to change your rear tire!

    Cerveza por favor will come in handy at the bar when you are hot and thirsty after driving for 12 hours and your ass is numb! (sounds like “duck”!)

    Buena suerte con la lenqua y vaya con dios……………you’ll be fine and look back on this programme with fondness……….I’m certain of it!!!

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