OMG what have I signed up for?

So I finally arrived in Mexico City at 1am in the morning and managed to get through immigration, customs, and find my way to the hotel so I could collapse in bed for 3 hours. Then I was up and off to catch the 6:15am bus to Puebla. I was the first passenger to buy a ticket and be at the bus gate so I got onto the bus and strolled to the middle before picking a seat on the right hand side. I noticed other passengers looking at their ticket stubs and then looking at the seat numbers and I realized that apparently this was not open seating. Now Mexico is as disorganized as any other country yet they sell public bus tickets and actually assign you a seat. Oops! The other weird thing was that the policia videotaped every face on the bus before it left. Guess they wanted to identify any criminals. Reassuring.

By the time we reached the next stop I had quickly figured out that asiento on my ticket meant I needed to change seats pronto. Of course, my seat was right at the front with the absolute minimum of leg room. Given I was crammed in on the plane coming to Cuidad de Mexico, my knees were already sore and by the time I reached Puebla I was really hurting and my eyes were burning from lack of sleep.

I was wisked immediately to the school and when they say immersion they mean immersion. Basically, I was like a deer in headlights. Not only did I not speak Spanish but my brain was dog tired and here I was being forced to fend for myself. Thank God I was the only one in Level 1 (should be level -1) starting today because I couldn’t take the humiliation (again) of being the class dunce 🙂

My 22 year old instructor was extremely nice and patient because we started from scratch. OMG…. My brain was fried after 4 hours and three breaks. I met a few nice people at lunch and my guide for the week was very kind and spoke quite a bit of English to me for the last two hours of the day because I appeared to be in serious trouble. Not even a nasty, strong cafe Americano could wake me up. Tomorrow she said she will not take pity on me but then again I will have actually slept by then so I may be better. At what I am not sure!

I am 100 percent completely overwhelmed and that is an understatement. What the heck was I thinking going into central and south America without speaking Spanish. Here’s your sign!


One Response to OMG what have I signed up for?

  1. Chris says:

    You wanted an adventure . . .looks like you have one now!!

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