A nice rest home.

So I have been in the Napa Valley for a week and have been enjoying the downtime. I’ve been basically relaxing, watching movies, studying Spanish, going to the gym and working on my bike. I feel quite a sense of accomplishment with giving my bike its 24 thousand mile service. It’s hard to believe that I have covered 13,000 miles already. That’s like driving across the USA 4 times!! I was a little nervous being the first time I have done the servicing but I managed to change the oil, change the transmission fluid, change the brake fluid, change the spark plugs, change the air filter, change the final drive fluid, lube the final drive, adjust the valves and change the tires without too much hassle. All those years as a kid working on Peuguots, Mobylettes and Hondas came in handy 🙂 The only thing I couldn’t do was synch the throttle valve cables because I don’t have the right tool. I also gave Juliette a bath (my bike and not Rick’s wife) and she looks ready to tackle the road.

My plan over the next two weeks is to take in some wine tastings and get some photos of the region. I also plan to visit another friend of mine, continue to study Spanish, and to get into San Francisco to do some sight-seeing. I’ve yet to get to Alcatraz or walk across the Golden Gate Bridge! One cool thing, I bought a high def motorcycle camera to mount on my bike. Now I can take you with me… if it works at all 🙂 I think I may need a camera for my first encounter with the Mexican policia.

I am here until Sept 26 when I leave for my language immersion program in Puelba, Mexico. I finish my program on Oct 22 and then fly to Miami to meet my kids… YEAH!!!!! I get to spend 9 nights with my loves and then I head back to St. Helena to pick up my bike and start heading down into Central America.

Because of all this, I will only be updating my blog once a week until I hit the road again in November. Stay tuned 🙂


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