You get how much rain?

The rain was gone when I woke up on Wed morning and so I checked out of my motel and headed north to Port Angeles on Washington’s Olympic peninsula. The drive was nice and twisty and ran alongside parts if the Puget Sound. As I got into Port Angeles, I decided to head up to Hurricane Ridge as it is a high altitude road that allows for breathtaking views of the wild interior of the Olympic National Park. When I reached the top I was really amazed at the great views and decided to sit on a bench and just gaze out at the glory of nature for a while.

After getting a few pictures, I headed back down and made my way around the Olympic peninsula until I got to Upper Hoh Rd. LOL… nice name for a road. Anyway, this road led me deep into the Olympic National Forest which is an old growth forest known for being home to some of the tallest species of trees in North America. Apparently, they get an average of 150 inches or over 12 feet of rain every year. Compare that to notoriously rainy cities like Seattle that only gets 34 inches of rain a year and you will see why the trees grow so big. See my blogroll for more info.

The evening had me riding down the Washington coast and into Astoria, Oregon as the sun was setting. Simply beautiful. It was also quite ironic that I got to see where the Columbia River emptied into the Pacific Ocean after having seen the river’s source while riding in Canada. My day ended with a good steak, a good beer and a good waterfront view of the ocean. Simple pleasures for a man who wishes his life were… simpler.


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