I didn’t miss the turn for the USA this time.

Today I planned a leisurely ride back into the US with Winthrop, WA as my final destination. I really didn’t expect much from the ride but I was pleasantly surprised with the scenery I saw and the route I took. What struck me most was what a diverse set of environment British Columbia has. Everything from forests to huge mountains to vast plains to deserts and huge lakes. It really was quite amazing. I took the high mountain roads that wound up and down through southern BC passing by many rivers, farms and roadside fruit stands. I stopped and bought a huge basket of plums, peaches, apples, etc for 5 bucks! 5 bucks!!!!! The only bargain I got in Canada… everything else was way overpriced. By this time, the temperature had soared from 53 to about 95 degrees so I was having to stop and take layers off as I went. The Okanagan Lake area was really beautiful with beaches, boating and rafting but it has some nasty sea creature called the Ogopogo living it. Check out my blogroll for more info.

The border crossing into the US was a joke… not a soul in line and the guy looks at my passport and sends me inside to fill out an I-94. I tried explaining to him that as a resident of Bermuda and a British passport holder, I no longer need to fill out an I-94… it’s all electronic now. Apparently, I know more immigration policy than he did but at least the air conditioning was a nice change.

Once in Washington, I made good time toward Winthrop. However, I decided to stop about an hour early because I was done for the day and I wanted to check my email to see if I had gotten a response about staying with my ex-in laws. Apparently, they haven’t gotten over the whole divorce thing which is fine… I will always be the father of their grandchildren no matter how much they may not like it or me 🙂 The funny thing is we used to have a great relationship but in their eyes I am now the big bad wolf. The concept of it taking two people to make a divorce is lost on them. Still, if that makes it easier for them to love and support their daughter then I accept that.

After dinner I came outside to three teenagers staring at my bike. They started asking all sorts of questions… “how fast does it go” and “how much did it cost” and “what does it feel like to ride it”. God willing, by the end of this trip, I will look at more things with that kind of excitement and wide-eyed amazement.


5 Responses to I didn’t miss the turn for the USA this time.

  1. Chris says:

    Awful silent . . . .

  2. Most beautiful M says:

    Route 1 down the coast? What’s happening now? Now would be a good time to update. Then your readers (well, some of them) would be able to catch up while we wait out the weather from Hurricane Earl.

  3. Mum says:

    Sorry to tell you but the Immigration Officer was correct. I know it may be difficult for you to accept that.!!!!! You are remembering the old days. With a UK passport you have to fill in an I 94 everytime you enter the US so have a new one ready before you stand in a long line – as you leave the US they take (or should) the one you presently have.

    • bhm007 says:

      It’s called the ESTA! You do not need to fill out a paper I-94 if you are a citizen of one of the visa waiver countries… Get with the program… Your info is so… OLD SCHOOL 🙂

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