So my new strategy has been so much better… for a day, at least 🙂 I took a relaxed drive south and decided to stop in Barkerville even though it was 2 hours out of my way. The town is an old gold mining town from the mid to late 1800’s and has many of the original buildings intact. It was quite interesting and well worth the detour. I got to wander around the town and read about life back then as well as take a stage-coach ride, see a theater comedy show and pan for gold. I will be sending the gold home to my kids! I also went to class at the school in Chinatown and learned how to use the Chinese abacus.

I spent about 4 hours in the town and as I left I was in no hurry… a huge contrast to the last few weeks. I decided to keep on riding out of town and make my way south to the US border some 8 hours away. It was late in the day but I didn’t care… my attitude is to stop when I stop and don’t worry about it. It’s hard for a “planner” personality like mine to let go but I did it. As I drove through some town I don’t even know the name of, I spotted a pretty motel with tons of flowers hanging outside. I thought about stopping for the night even though I had 3 hours of daylight left but instead I drove on by. Then I caught myself and turned around… I don’t have to hurry to the US border!!! I had a nice leisurely dinner and caught up on world news before watching a movie and turning in. I have to be up at 5:45am to Skype the kids… ARRGHHH!


2 Responses to Goldfinger.

  1. Jonathan Cooper says:

    After seeing the world, this is exactly what “modern day” Hamilton will look like to you!

  2. Mum says:

    Please send gold dust to me; will get more proceeds than the local banks are paying in interest – sorry Jonathan!

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