Hurry up… and slow down.

I’ve realized a great many things on this trip. One is that I won’t get to do it again anytime soon… at least not a trip of this magnitude. So… WHY AM I RUSHING THROUGH IT??? First, it was the weather window in Alaska that was closing that rushed me and then it was the whole Costa Rica by Oct 20th thing. I have finally realized that rushing through all these places just for the sake of getting somewhere else is STUPID! I’m missing half of the experiences I want to have. I’ve also realized that Central and South America are going to be huge… an awesome, wonderful experience and if I only get that far in a year then so be it… more of the world to explore later on 🙂

I’ve decided that in order for me to truly get the most out of my trip I need to speak Spanish in some passable form otherwise my trip is going to overwhelm me, frustrate me and be a much less rich experience. So, I’ve decided to start studying Spanish vocabulary every night and to enroll in language immersion school in Mexico for a month to 6 weeks. That means living with a Mexican family, going to school every day for 8 hours a day and speaking/learning nothing but Spanish. I have also decided that I can meet my kids anywhere either by riding or by flying there. I don’t have to be in Costa Rica until I’m good and ready to get there. I’ve also decided to slow down and do things in the places I am going. Riding for the sake of riding is ok sometimes but I want to spend more time doing things… that’s the point isn’t it?

I’m going to spend more time in California as well and stay with my friends for longer than planned. I’m going to get to Central America when I get there and not a moment before. I’m going to enjoy this trip instead of stressing about some place I have to be 🙂 Word!

With that in mind, I stayed an extra day in Prince George and wandered about the town checking out the historical buildings and local eateries. I also caught up on my blog as you can see 🙂 Tomorrow I was planning a 500 mile ride into the USA but, going with my new philosophy, I am going to visit Barkerville, BC and see what a real gold rush town looked like in the 1800’s. Should be fun and if it takes all day and I have to pitch my tent by the side of the road then so be it 🙂


See, my strategy is already working. I stayed in town and drove around tonight looking for a place to eat. I drove by this fairly plain looking Mediterranean restaurant but turned around and went back. Glad I did… hands down the best meal I have had this year!!!! Everything from the wine to the soup to the braised spare rib to the handmade cheesecake was INCREDIBLE. Who knew in little old Prince George you could get such a wonderful meal. Service was excellent and they even let me take my pants off 🙂 Cimo Mediterranean Grill, 601 Victoria St in Prince George… reminds me of Abby Park in Milton, MA. Go to both you will not be disappointed!


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