Going to the sun

I left Fri morning to head up route 89 and take in both Glacier Nat’l Park and the “going to the sun” road. Ten minutes into my trip the dark skies opened and it rained… And rained… And rained. Three hours later, I decided that I wasn’t going to the sun or anywhere else in that weather! I changed my GPS to head away from the clouds and toward Kalispell. I made it there by early afternoon and spent the rest of the day at a coffee shop with free internet. I asked the coffee shop guy for a recommendation on a steak house and he sent me walking up the street to Scotties. The place was packed so decided to watch the PGA and sit at the bar to eat. I had the prime rib and was soon joined by a lady at the bar. She also ordered the prime rib to go.

After finishing my meal, the lady asked me how my meal was. I was honest and sad that it was ok. She said what do you mean ok? I said that while the meal was good it wasn’t fantastic… Just ok. She seemed offended by this and then proceeded to tell me that she was the restaurant manager and had been for 27 years and that she had a new chef. Again, I was almost apologetic because I felt bad but the prime rib was just ok. We struck up more conversation and then she offered to buy me breakfast. HUH?? Yes, she offered to buy me breakfast… As a way of making it up to me and not in another possible meaning :). I told her I would take her up on that in the morning and asked for my bill. Next thing I know, the bill has already been paid for by the manager out of her own pocket! I was stunned at her kindness which was totally unnecessary. Next morning, I went to Scotties for breakfast and she again tried to pay for my meal. I refused to allow that but it was refreshing to see good old American hospitality alive and well… Not to mention excellent customer service. So… If you are ever in Kalispell, I highly recommend Scotties… They will treat you right.


2 Responses to Going to the sun

  1. Most beautiful M says:

    You’re right about yellowstone, but it is a good place to see wildlife you may not have seen before. My first yellowstone experience was watching a moose eat moose moss by the river, and when he picked up his head all the cameras on my side of the river started clicking, whiring and flashing. That was back when there was film in the camera.

    People out west are really nice. Glad you got to experience that. Pictures are awsome…keep them coming. And more posts! They give us all something to talk about. 🙂 How was Glacier Nat’l park? What have you seen in BC? Stay safe- MbM

  2. Mum says:

    Now you know why dad and I escape to Montana and fly fish with Bo and Nancy – except he doesn’t yell at us even if he wants to. Being in a long winding river with mountains all around and not one other person that you can see is awesome until you catch a fish and can’t get it off your line and you know what animal likes to eat fish.! My guide told me I was “one with the river” so you have some catching up to do.

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