Yellowstone… I must be missing something

I headed north today and made my way into Teton Nat’l Park… It was very impressive. The mountains are truly spectacular and, in hindsight, I wish I had spent more time in that area. Apparently, you can go para-sailing or something off the top of the mountains… Who knew. I ended the day in Dubois and had the most wonderful buffalo chili at a local joint.

The next day, I headed into Yellowstone with my final destination being a friend of the family’s house outside Livingston, Montana. So… All this talk I hear about Yellowstone… Seriously… What is all the hoopla about? Honestly, it didn’t really impress me that much. The scenery and the wildlife was ok but I had already seen far more impressive things on my trip. Old Faithful was interesting but the whole commercialization of the area kind of took away from the experience. The most exciting thing was the escaped murderers that were nearby 🙂

The trip itself was fine… The weather was good and although my GPS decided to take me on a different route than I had planned, it all worked out. I ended up in Bozeman after coming up through the Gallatin River route. That was quite nice because the roads were twisty and followed the river closely. I got to see many nice river views although the number of crosses on the side of the road made me a bit nervous. I did stop at a gas station and, as I was leaving, a couple rode up on a Harley. Now, this woman was about the most beautiful creature I had seen in long time and I wondered if she came with the bike 🙂

One small issue was my GPS. I had punched in my friend’s address (out in the boonies) and because I was coming from Livingston, it took me the 25 miles of gravel route instead of the 4 miles of gravel route. Not really an issue and I was glad that it did because I got to have the most amazing views of the Absaroka Range and several private ranches as I rode in. However, the problem was that my GPS was mildly mentally confused and didn’t even have the road I needed in it. So… After driving many miles into the Montana backcountry, through Tom Brokaw’s ranch and into the West Boulder Preserve, I finally realized that I was lost. Fortunately, I flagged down a kind gentleman who was just finishing his hike and he took me back to his home and let me use his phone. Now I was back on track and arrived 15 mins later at Bo and Nancy’s most beautiful home. A great meal and and few cold beers had me back in good spirits and I cannot thank them enough for putting me up for a couple of nights.

One of the highlights of my time in Montana was going fly fishing. I had seen it on TV and heard from friends who had done it but I never had the good fortune to go myself. Bo was kind enough to take me and teach me the ropes. What a tranquil experience and I now understand the huge appeal. Just you on a quiet river trying to catch an elusive fish and enjoying everything nature has to offer including herons, mule deer and geese! I will say that fly fishing takes some practice and is a lot harder that it appears but it felt great the few times I did actually cast successfully. Bo was a splendid teacher who often encouraged me by shouting “NO, NO…. You’re doing it wrong!!!” on many occasions… Thanks Bo 🙂

I also got to learn a little about ranching life in Montana, got to see the ranch where they filmed the Horse Whisperer and also missed meeting the woman of my dreams by a hair… Oh well, maybe next time 🙂

Teton scenery


Absaroka range… yes I got lost here

River where I went fly fishing


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