Equipment update

So I thought I would give a little equipment update for anyone who is interested.

BMW 1200 GSA – simply awesome. Reliable, comfortable, powerful, multi-purpose… does everything I ask of her. That weird ESA issue has not occurred again. Stock seat needs help if you riding longer than 4 hours. Can get about 12 hours with some pain using cycling shorts and seat beads. Gonna try the air hawk as well before I break down and get a custom seat.

Kaiko throttle control – works perfectly and saves your wrist

Zumo GPS – works pretty well, a few quirks like rebooting every now and then and not having some roads properly named or listed at all but all in all pretty good. Easy to see in sun and dark and takes a beating.

Sierra tent – ROCKS!!! Huge two person tent, takes 5 mins to set up and take down, excellent design. Highly recommended for those of us who are tall.

Aerostich Darien riding suit – simply perfect. Keeps you warm when its cold but I also wore it in 113 degree heat without dying. Rainproof, windproof, bugproof, road proof! Highly recommended.

Spot II – works exactly as it supposed to. Button covers are a little flimsy but battery life has been great. A month on the road using it in tracking mode 6-8 hours a day and I just changed the batteries.

Micatech Pilot cases – simply excellent with huge storage and good locks. Not a scratch during my two spills. No water problems, dust issues or much else. Only small thing is the locking tabs inside the cases still seem to vibrate loose.


2 Responses to Equipment update

  1. Benny says:

    Be sure to tighten the “locking flange” against the pannier after you tighten the set screws.

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