Dinosaur Diamond

The Dinosaur Diamond is a loop that runs through eastern Utah and western Colorado where dinosaur fossils and footprints date from 150 million years ago. I also decided to include the Colorado River Scenic Byway into my ride for the day. I started out early and headed southeast to the Arches National Park just north of Moab. This park is home to over 2000 natural arches and typifies the rock formations of the region. The formations were quite interesting but the park was packed with vehicles so I cut short the tour after an hour because I was feeling a little claustrophobic. I then headed northeast on the Colorado River Scenic Byway which hugs the southeast side of the Colorado River. Again, this ride was not planned until the night before but I was sure glad I took it. Again, the scenery was spectacular and, as it was Sunday, I got to see the many white water rafters on the river. The road itself was perfect for a motorcycle; narrow, twisty, fast and in danger of being crushed by falling rocks!

The Dewey Suspension Bridge built in 1916 was cool to see and it was a pity it hasn’t been restored to it’s previous condition. I also passed the Red Cliffs Lodge and again thought of my kids and how I would love for them to be with me and experiencing the wonders I was seeing. I should have taken them out of school and taken them with me… But I knew the ex would never have allowed it.

Back on the Dinosaur Diamond, I headed northeast into Colorado and the town of Dinosaur. Yup, that’s right Alicia, there is a town named Dinosaur, Colorado that lies right on the edge of the Colorado/Utah border in northwestern Colorado. See my picture below. It was cool to see all the dinosaur stuff and I wish you could have been there with me. From there I headed west to my final destination of Vernal, Utah an oil/gas town that fell on hard times after Obama became president and reversed concessions Bush had made that benefitted the town. I got into town early enough to go see a movie (the Other Guys)… I was disappointed, it was just ok.

I turned in early having planned to do the Red Cloud – Dry Fork loop and the Flaming George – Unitas Scenic Byway the next day as I made my way north to the great Rocky Mountains of Wyoming.

Arches National Park

Colorado River Scenic Byway

Dewey suspension bridge

Dinosaur Diamond loop scenery


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