High plains drifter

I left Arkansas at 7am for another long day on the road. My butt didn’t mind so much but my right neck/shoulder area had been bothering me every since Baie-Comeau and it certainly did not agree to another long ride. In the end, I had to give myself several massages and curses to keep going as my neck decided to periodically spasm. When I started my bike up in the morning, the light failure warning came on… apparently a BMW bulb lasts exactly 15,000 miles! No worries as I plugged in the nearest BMW motorcycle dealer and fortunately it was right on my way through Oklahoma City. Not much to see in Oklahoma but the scenery turned quite dramatically when I drove into northern Texas on my way through Amarillo.

The landscape was quite beautiful and I never really understood what the “high plains” were until I was driving through them. The expanses were quite vast yet somehow beautiful… at least I thought so. The road kill certainly changed with a smattering of armadillos and one family dog… very sad. The drive as you approach Albuquerque, NM is also quite impressive with vast plains then the Sandia Mountains springing up and often framed by black thunderstorm clouds and pouring rain.

I was fortunate in that the high temperature that day was a frigid 102 degrees and I only got rained on very slightly. Still, doing 80mph in a short sleeve shirt and getting hit with even small drops of water… hurts like hell!!!!

I arrived exhausted in Albuquerque at 7pm but managed to squeal off to the Outback for a beer and a steak… so the day wasn’t a total loss 🙂 On my way there, I saw a really great cloud that was half hidden behind a dark mountain. The sun was falling but the cloud was brilliant white due to it still getting the sun but the mountain was in the dark shadow of another taller mountain and the contrast was quite stunning. Didn’t have my camera though!

This morning I decided to tend to my shoulder and booked myself a 60 min deep tissue massage at a local spa. Overall it was an excellent spa and one of the best massages I have ever had. After that I ran some errands and have been in my room route planning for the next week. Biggest problem I have is that there are now SO MANY OPTIONS!!! Who knew there were so many scenic rides in New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona. What to do????

It’s pouring rain outside and a massive thunderstorm has been over the city for hours. Looks like beef jerky for dinner 🙂

UPDATED: The rain actually stopped and the sun came out so I went into old town Albuquerque and ate dinner in one of the first residences in Albuquerque. It dated back to the early 1700’s and now houses the Church St Cafe. Both the food and the waitress were “excellent” 🙂

Tomorrow I ride the Turquoise Trail, the High Road to Taos, then the Enchanted Circle before heading over to Monument Valley in Arizona and Utah as I slowly make my way north through Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

So I’m pretty much in a predominantly Spanish speaking place so I thought I better listen to some different tunes to get in the groove… going clubbing tonight… hope they bust this!!

Listen to this for a minute!

Old town Albuquerque photos


2 Responses to High plains drifter

  1. Guy says:

    I’m standing at the bar with a Cuban cigar. Hey Brett, I think she’s eyeing you from afar.

  2. Nick Faries says:

    Hey, that’s the future president of Haiti….

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