Yikes… that stung a bit!

Just a quick update as I need to sleep. I left Asheville at 6:30am and arrived in Van Buren, Arkansas at 7:45PM EST. The ride was LONG!!!!! I lost my butt to numbness somewhere east of Memphis and I almost died 4 times from heatstroke. The temperature when I left NC was 71 degrees. By 12pm in Tennessee, the temperature has risen to 103 degrees. In central Arkansas the temperature reached 113 degrees and I was forced to stop every 90 mins or so to consume large quantities of water. When I arrived, after toiling through 788 miles of heat related misery, the temperature was still 107!!!!!

And just think… I get to do it all over again tomorrow… 733 miles of misery to Albuquerque, New Mexico. The good news is that the really cool scenic riding starts as soon as I get to Utah and Colorado!


One Response to Yikes… that stung a bit!

  1. nick says:

    If you end up near denver you should visit Darry..

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