South by southwest!

After a peaceful night in Roanoke, I got up bright and early and headed back up into the mountains! I was hoping to see more fantastic views on my 4 hour drive south to Asheville, NC. What I saw was ummm… a bit less than fantastic. Pea soup was more like it. I spent about 30 mins barely seeing 20 feet in front of me before I decided to get wise and not die by crashing into a deer or running off the mountain!

I headed back down into the valley and my GPS was kind enough to take my on a 60 mile trip through beautiful rolling hills, farmland and small southern towns. After that, it was back to the interstate and warp speed to Asheville. About 30 miles from Asheville the sun came out and the fog simply disappeared off of the mountain tops. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to let the GPS guide me back up the mountain and onto the Blue Ridge Parkway once more.

There is a reason why the machines have not taken over quite yet. The GPS guided me well for a while, heading down state route 70 through some lovely scenery. Then it took me onto “old” route 70… this turned out to be a gravel road right behind a row of mobile homes that belonged to my old friend Cleetus… apparently they let him out of prison in Georgia and he moved up to “Carolina”. He still has that collection of wheel-less cars propped up on concrete blocks. Anyway, I quickly headed back to the real roads before I got hurt.

I was lucky enough to catch up for dinner with some friends of my parents so it was nice to chat a bit about home. I turned in for the night with plans to tackle that pesky Blue Ridge Parkway in the morning.


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