GO WEST young man!

So… that’s where I have been for a few days, catching up with Guy and his wife and kids and generally taking it easy. I had some maintenance work to do on the bike and it was a bit more involved than I thought. Yesterday, I did manage to change the oil, change the brake fluid and change the transmission fluid without too much fuss but I still have some more things to do. I will save those for California 🙂 I also changed my front tire even though my old one still had plenty of tread. The reduced level of road noise and 15 pounds less of “luggage” more than offset the $100 I spent on the tire. I figure I will start carrying tires with me again when I hit Mexico and beyond. No sense carrying them now.

Got a mass email from my ex this morning. Apparently, Alex’s 5 year cancer checkup went well. I guess his father isn’t important enough to get a phone call yesterday when he actually had his appointment. Anyway, I’m just glad that he is ok and disappointed I couldn’t get to speak with him. Way to go ALEJANDRO!!!

I left Guy’s around 2pm today and again changed the route I had planned to use to get to Colorado. I figured that since I am so close to the Blue Ridge Parkway that I should take advantage of one of the best rides on the east coast. It did not disappoint, with frequent twisty turns, elevation changes and magnificent mountain views. Only rain about 25 miles from Roanoke, VA spoiled the fun. Well, the rain I didn’t mind but the fact that the clouds were so low meant I had to ride THROUGH the rain clouds and that meant I couldn’t see a darn thing. Twisty roads, sheer mountain drop-offs, 10 foot visibilty… you do the math 🙂 I wanted to ride until near dark but I eventually gave up and sought shelter in Roanoke which is were I sit buck naked at this very moment 🙂

With that pleasant thought in your head I bid you good night… or good day depending on where you are 🙂


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