Change of plans!

I met Aengus for breakfast at 8:30 on Monday and we both agreed that crepes were a must given where we were. The funny thing is though… apparently no-one gets up early on a Monday in old Quebec and there are not many restaurants open. It was funny because we kept walking and walking and eventually I had retraced half my walk from the night before. We did find a place to eat on Rue St. Anne and actually had a nice view of the castle while eating.

Aengus is an interesting chap and he is in the film industry… no not THAT film industry 🙂 Part of his journey over the last 9 weeks has been him collecting interviews for a project he is working on. I was lucky enough to be interviewed and the single question that he asks and bases the followup interview questions on is this:

“What is the hardest decision you have ever made in your life?”

I’m not going to tell you what I said but I will be interested to see if anyone guesses.

After leaving Quebec at 11am, I decided to make a detour and completely change my route. My plans for Montreal and Toronto had fallen through and it had been a long time since I had seen one of my best friends, Guy, who lives outside of Richmond, Virginia. Guy has been battling stage IV colon cancer for some time and appears to be winning so I thought that seeing him would be a good thing to do. I had a long way to ride and I set my sights on Scranton, PA (paying homage to the TV show The Office) as my destination that day… some 900km away!

Now, I ended up riding the last 15 mins in the dark which is something I don’t want to do but I made my target and rode for 8 and half hours straight. My backside was screaming as were my shoulders but it was worth it to put myself within 5 hours of Guy’s house the next day. Actually, the drive was quite nice and upstate NY and central PA are quite scenic with little traffic, low mountains and rolling hills.

The next morning I took off and rode hard. The ride was fine until I approached Washington DC… from there the traffic was heavy all the way to Richmond and I did not feel safe having to watch the crazy drivers at all times. I got to Guy’s around 4pm and I thought that’s not bad considering I was in Quebec at 11am yesterday morning.


8 Responses to Change of plans!

  1. Jonathan Cooper says:


    I have visited your blog twice to catch up on your journey. You write so well and with such detail that I feel as though I have completed the journey, up until this point, with you. Your candid views of everything that you have experienced have had me laughing quite a few times.

    Another cup match has come and gone. It only rained twice ……….once from Thursday morning until Friday night and the second time from Friday night until lunchtime today (Sunday). Roger and Chris took their boats out to Castle Roads and Leigh Hansen, Nick, Paul McLeod and myself joined them and had a few beers despite the rain. Of course we toasted you and laid a few wagers relative to various aspects of your journey!!

    Good luck with the journey.

  2. Stan Marshall says:

    The answer to the question asked is a no brainer! Deciding and having the courage to do this trip. Mum

  3. Kelly Heffernan says:

    I’m with Mum on this one.

  4. Kelly Heffernan says:

    And I have a bone to pick with you. I just figured out that this beautiful M person is Emily, who I agree is a beautiful person, but I too am a beautiful person yet my nicknames are baggus and hilary! Is that right? Can you really sleep at night knowing how unfair that is?

    • bhm007 says:

      You may recall that I did not give you that nickname. A certain Juan-Carlos “Moral-less” coined the term bag-boy which turned into me being your Sapphire bag-boy which somehow turned into you getting stuck with baggus! Do not blame me 🙂 I could think of another name for you but I really do just prefer Kelly… simple, elegant, beautiful and faithful… as you are 🙂

  5. Most beautiful M says:

    I don’t have trouble sleeping. 🙂

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