Groundhog Day

So Friday morning I walk out of my hotel to go to the hydro plant tour.  Flat tire AGAIN!!!!  Took off rear wheel.. AGAIN!!!  Couldn’t find leak… AGAIN!!!  This time I got smart and pumped up the wheel and took it upstairs for a bath.  Leak found 🙂  Small little bugger but a leak none the less.  So, back downstairs quickly for the 2.5 hour tour of the plant.  Very interesting stuff but I had a tire to change and I had to be in Labrador City that night.

Managed to change the tire to my spare… good planning to have one… then had lunch before setting off on the four hour drive.  The spare tire wasn’t a true knobby tire but a hybrid (Metzeler Tourance) but it worked fine in the gravel.  Not much else to report :)


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