Duck, duck, goose!

I had a conference call this morning so I left Port Hope Simpson around 10:30am headed for Goose Bay. This is the newest stretch of the Trans Labrador Hwy and was opened in Dec 2009. Although technically open, as one construction worker told me today, “the road isn’t quite finished.” The road was in good shape coming out of PHS and heading the roughly 70km to Cartwright Junction. From there the road to Goose Bay actually improved as it became a packed down track with little gravel. I made good speed at about 55mph but then reality set in when the road suddenly became much more laden with gravel.

If you have ever had the pleasure of riding on gravel on a bike you will know that gravel plays havoc with your front tire and makes the bike “shimmy” or get a bit “loose.” Having experience with “loose” things I had no major problems 🙂 but I did have to concentrate in order not to get into trouble. There are about 30km of road still under construction but apparently I timed my ride perfectly. As I pulled up to the first construction worker holding a stop sign he informed me that the whole bunch were about to go on break and that I should have no delays. He was right and I got to tackle the rough roads without worrying about being run over by heavy equipment or having to stop every five minutes. It was fun and necessary to ride standing up on the pegs for about 10km although my neck hurt in the end because the bike is still too short for a 6’7″ freak like myself.

The weather was a perfect 70 degrees and sunshine for 95% of the trip with torrential rains coming down on me about 15 miles from Goose Bay. So yes, I was ridden hard and put away wet!

No more issues with the deathtrap ESA so that was good news. I didn’t do many pictures cause there wasn’t really anywhere to stop although I was having an Atkins bar on the side of the road (thanks Chris) and a guy stopped because he thought I was in trouble. His only comment when I told him I was from Bermuda was… “Yer a long ways from home then, aye!” Ahhhhhh… for all you Bill Engvall fans… Here’s your sign 🙂


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