Rain and fog… Newfoundland’s most abundant resource!

I awoke Sat to rain and more fog. I waited until late morning to leave for the rest of the Viking Trail and the ride up north to St. Anthony’s, hoping that the weather would improve. It didn’t help. 5 hours of riding in the rain, with the moose on the loose, did not endear Newfoundland to me. In addition, the cold that I had been expecting finally came and when it did… I was not prepared! After riding for hours in driving rain and 47 degree weather, I eventually had to pull over and put on more layers and my balaclava to fight the cold. The “weather-proof” gloves I had obviously didn’t factor the Newfoundland weather in and my hands were a wet and cold. To top it all off, after layering up, mother nature took over and I had to pee!!!

Now, you can’t just whip it out on the side of the road so I spotted a muddy gravel road going off behind a church and decided to try it out. Mistake!!! The road was in a lot worse shape than I could see and I almost ended up on my backside with the bike bottoming out as I powered through a badly rutted track. That would not have been good but I managed to maintain my balance and take a different route back to the road that included driving at speed through what I thought was a large but shallow puddle. WRONG! It was more like a small pond and as I drove through it the water proceeded to cover my feet. Only thing I can say about this is that my boots got cleaned… and wet 🙂

I finally made it to my hotel in St. Anthony’s and plunked down to bed after dinner. I was looking forward to my whale watching (try again) and iceberg trip the next day as I was now in the iceberg capital of the world that also has some of the richest whale feeding grounds! Good news finally!


One Response to Rain and fog… Newfoundland’s most abundant resource!

  1. A and A says:

    Totally awesome dad,

    Can’t wait to see the photos of the icebergs and whales. Did you take photos of the “pond”?

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