Is that a Fjord in your Pocket?

So Thurs morning I got out of my tent, braved the campground bathrooms and used my pack towel for the first time. I was waiting for a pack towel as a parting gift from a certain beautiful person but none was forthcoming and it was hard to dry myself with the cute keychain I did get from M 🙂 Anyway… being wet from my shower actually helped the rain feel a little less wet as I packed up in the rain and fog. Packing up in the rain is by far worse than setting up in the rain… you are starting the day wet and miserable 🙂

So off I sped, at 7:30am, bright eyed to buy my ticket on the boat tour of Western Brook Pond, see link on right under blogroll for details.

However, the lady at the ticket counter informed me that the “pond” was fogged in and that I should go up to the dock and see if the tour was going to go out. Now, “go up to the dock” entails driving 30 mins in blinding fog and light rain to a small parking lot where you then have to hike 3km inland just to get to said dock. With little else to do, I foolishly followed herds of other idiots knowing full well that the fog was out to get me and all I was actually doing was going on a 6km hike… which was nice anyway. Of course, the 10am tour was canceled and they were all booked for the rest of the day so after booking myself on the 4pm the following day, I dragged my butt back to Rocky Harbour and had a leisurely lunch. I was already paranoid about the moose situation (there are 5 moose per square kilometer) and the fog did little to help so the ride was a little tense. I couldn’t check into my room yet so I decided to take the beast off road for a little trial (and hopefully no error!)

I broke out the map and was soon whizzing off to little falls and big falls… those being the nearest points that had no pavement per my map. As I rode deeper into the Newfoundland backcountry, I was pleasantly surprised to find the rain letting up and the sun coming out. I pulled over to take some pictures of little falls and as I packed my camera away on my bike, down the gravel road comes the deep roar of motorcycles. Four gentlemen from Quebec (there are a few) pulled up on BMW’s… nice bikes I said 🙂 Turns out they were coming back from big falls and we swapped itineraries as one of the guys translated in French that I was an escaped mental patient who was riding around the world! There were a lot of colourful French words… all of which I choose to think of as positive!

We bade each other farewell and I continued to big falls where I got to see my first ever salmon trying to swim upstream. It was fun to watch their determination in the face of constant futility and then it occurred to me that they must be divorced 🙂

After snapping off some pics, I whipped off back to my hotel and settled in for the night. I was tired from a day of riding, hiking and waiting around. Oh yeah… Good thing I was keeping a sharp eye out for all those moose… I saw exactly NONE for the entire day!


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