Hurry up and wait.

My Tuesday started out poorly but slowly got better. The weather was good… Too good in fact. As I checked out of the hotel my ex-wife decided she needed to have me sign something so she could travel with the kids the next day. Way to leave it till the last minute Laurie :). I spent the better part of an hour trying to fax, email, sign and keep a good attitude. Eventually, US Immigration got everything they needed but it was aggravation I didn’t need first thing in the morning. Then I buzzed around running a few errands before hitting the ferry terminal to wait to board to Newfoundland. Now… Cape Breton folk don’t use a lot of air conditioning and I understand why. However, on a day where it was 85 and blazing sun you would have thought that they would have at least turned it on for their poor passengers in the terminal. NOPE!

Then, their computer system crashed and this caused the ship to depart an hour late. The good thing about ferries is that the bikes get to go on first and ride off first so to the head of line we went. I wish I had gotten pictures of the ferry but with it being the first time I had ridden the beast onto a real ferry, I was a little distracted trying not to crash and figuring out how to lash my bike to the deck rings with the half-baked straps they gave us. As I hooked the metal hook over my crash bar, one of the other bikers said why didn’t I use the rope so I didn’t scratch my bike. I laughed and told him that where I was going if a scratch was going to bother me then I was seriously in trouble!

I had the pleasure of dining on board with Harley riders Ann and Ron from Minnesota. Ron estimates he has ridden over 500,000 miles in his lifetime. He has ridden in all 50 US states and every Canadian province except Newfoundland… So this crossing was a milestone of sorts. Great couple and a real fine example of two people who share a passion and live their lives. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation with them and the advice they gave me.

The beautiful day gave way to a foggy, cold night and when we rode off the ferry I swear we had landed on another planet! Oh… What have I gotten myself into 🙂


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