Not much excitement today. Made the 4 hour drive in the rain from Halifax to North Sydney. Didn’t think to put on my rain boots until an hour into the trip… not too bright! My hiking/riding boots were a little squishy by that point.

Seeing lots of motorbikes now as the Cabot Trail is a hugely popular biking route. Also, had the pleasure of finally seeing the Martin Marietta Materials quarry at Auld’s Cove. East End has been a client of theirs for 35 years and it was nice to see the operation in all its glory… quite impressive although the pictures don’t do it justice. The scale of the thing is enormous… basically they are blowing up a huge granite hill, crushing the stone and then pouring the stuff over the edge to ships waiting below.

Spent the afternoon cheering on Spain who deservedly won the World Cup! Guy, I bet you thought that Spain might not win it in your lifetime… worry no more my old friend 🙂

Me and my sore butt are going to bed early tonight… the Englishtown ferry and the Cabot Trail beckon tomorrow… all 5 hours of it! Too bad it is supposed to be gray and rainy again tomorrow. It seems a pity to have come all this way to see so little of the scenery. I guess its one place close enough to Bermuda that I could always come back and do it again some day. Right now it’s absolutely pouring with rain so I’m not going anywhere!

I’m really missing my kids who are, for some reason, conspicuously not emailing or calling me despite me emailing and calling them. Facta, non verba… I guess 😦


7 Responses to Boots

  1. Nick Faries says:

    Why’d you go all the way to Sydney? We did the same route as you, pretty much anyway, and took the same Englishtown ferry which isn’t as impressive as you might expect; it’s like going from Darrel’s to Hinson’s island.

    • bhm007 says:

      LOL… cause I wanted a decent place to enjoy the World Cup. Yes, that ferry was funny… I think if I got a run up I could have jumped the gap to Englishtown instead of taking the $5 three minute ferry ride.

  2. A and A says:

    Alicia Says:
    It’s been really rainy here too. Seems like we are sharing the same sky. Hazel is getting old. When I pull on her feet she growls, but I guess that is like always. Love you,

    Alex says:
    It’s been rainy here, but on the days it’s been sunny we have washed the car, and yesterday I found bottles in the front yard. Isabella broke the jar I found :(, but there are several cool ones still. Alicia found a cool 19th century bottle and my coolest one says, “SAVE THE HORSE” on it. Love you,

  3. Rick says:

    Olah dude!

    Glad to hear you are on the road and the adventure continues, monkey butt and all! will monitor to make sure you are staying out of trouble. Got a couple of promising nibbles job wise and will keep you up to date.



    • Nick says:

      Hey Rick, have you tried for a stand-in gig for Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs? You guys could be brothers. I’m sure that there are disgusting things that you’d enjoy that he wouldn’t want to do. 🙂 Seriously though, good luck on the job front!

  4. Stan Marshall says:

    Brett, How do I contact you by phone using skype. What is your telephone Number. I tried using your 505-5441 but it would not connect. What is the number you are using.

    Love Dad

  5. Guy says:

    Try cycling shorts. It is Tour De France time afterall.

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