Rain, rain go away!

It was raining in Halifax this morning and has been gray all day. I slept in late and then did some route planning for Newfoundland and Labrador. Tried to book a ticket on the ferry to Newfoundland for Tues only to find that the one I wanted was full. Now I have to take the 4pm ferry that gets into Newfoundland at 10:30pm AST. That sucks as no way I am riding at night so I booked a hotel in Port aux Basques and will start out from there on Wed morning. I’m supposed to have a conference call on Friday but I will probably be in far northwestern Newfoundland by then so I will need to switch it around.

When the rain stopped today I made my way to Dalhousie University and rode around checking out the old stomping grounds. Not much has changed in 20 years. The apartment I rented is still there and the campus looks a bit long in the tooth… maybe it was the gray skies that did it.

I spent the afternoon downtown, drinking beer and watching Germany come in 3rd at the World Cup. It was a good game. I have a lot of riding to do tomorrow to make it to North Sydney by 3:30 to watch the final! GO SPAIN!!! VENGA, VENGA!!!

BTW… I try to take the unused 19mm socket back Canadian Tire and they won’t take it without a receipt… which I threw away, of course, since a round-the-world biker dude doesn’t carry unnecessary papers!!! That will be the last $7 they ever get out of me!

OH… now the rain is going to be coming more often and it is going to get COLD!!!! BOO!!!!! We shall see if I am prepared 🙂


4 Responses to Rain, rain go away!

  1. Christian says:

    Hey Buddy,

    Sounds like a riot already and you are still in the early stages!!! ……you HAVE to go to Bubba Ray’s in Halifax for the wings – 10 gazillion varieties and flavours. PLLLEEEASE have some for me! …or FedEx?

    Be safe!

  2. Stan Marshall says:

    Sounds to me like that bike could be a lemon!!!!!!!!!However just think your blog would be much less interesting for all of us to read if you didn’t have problems – I know Dad will have a good laugh. This trip will teach you the value of money ($7)much quicker than economics 101. Just think things SHOULD improve – enjoy the next stage – riding in hard rain. Mum

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