What was that sound?

So I got up early yesterday to hit the road out of Bar Harbor but again the beast had other plans. The day before I had been parking the bike and putting away my keys when I heard what sounded like a coin dropping. Since I had a pocket full of coins it didn’t think anything of it until I went to strap down all my luggage to the luggage rack in the morning and found that it was disturbingly loose! Apparently, that sound the day before was the bottom part of a bracket falling off. Now, the luggage rack has the most obscure, half-witted brackets that are completely impossible to find anywhere but from a BMW dealer. Since I didn’t have one of those in my back pocket I had to improvise and ended up using a small bolt with a spacer, washer, new nut and plenty of loctite. It worked temporarily and on my way out of Maine I stopped at an ACE hardware and picked up some more big flat washers, lock washers and such. My plan is to make more permanent repairs today before I hit the road.

So the ride yesterday took me to Quoddy Head, Maine. Two things that stood out. The most wonderful smell of the Christmas trees that surround you and the road as you ride through northern Maine. It made me miss my kids! The other most amazing thing was the weather change about a mile from the lighthouse. In the space of about 500 yards, it went from brilliant sunshine and 75 degrees to thick fog and 61 degrees!!! It was surreal. Anyway, I had a good chat with the fine gentlemen that manned the lighthouse at the easternmost most point in the USA. See below. When they heard I was headed to Newfoundland, they advised not driving around to cross at Calais but to drive onto Campobello Island and take the ferry to Deer Island and then ride the length of Deer Island to take another ferry to mainland New Brunswick. It turned out to be a great idea and it cut time off the trip while allowing my sore butt to rest :).

From there it was purely putting miles under my belt and my previous days plan of getting to St. John was too conservative. I felt great and the open road and crisp air made me want to push on to Moncton. About 10 mins before Moncton is a huge truck stop in Salsbury and I pulled in to grab dinner as it was after 6. As I looked for a parking spot I saw another BMW 1200GS that had all the signs of being a wandering soul. I parked next to it and 5 mins later was conversing with a guy from Long Island who was on his way back home after doing the Trans-Labrador highway in the opposite direction as I am planning. He gave me some good tips and shared a few stories from the road… The best being the statement “I hope you like gravel!”

After eating and getting back on the bike, I had another hour and a half of daylight left and I felt so good that I decided to just ride until the light was fading. I blew through Moncton and made it Sackville. I took a quick ride through town and saw the campus of Mount Allison University. It was nice because even though I went to college in Halifax and met plenty of girls from “the Mount” I never had the chance to go to their campus. It was small but pretty and I can see why it appeals to some… Samantha, I’m sorry I never got the chance to come visit you 🙂


4 Responses to What was that sound?

  1. Nick says:

    Hey, sounding great so far. How about giving us a map with a route on it… Planned and actual..

  2. Nick says:

    Oh, never mind I saw the Spot thin, it’s very cool. You need to do a post on how it works for everyone. That’s VERY slick, I want one….

  3. A and A says:

    Laurie says:

    I am glad you are finding things from your past to nail yourself to. I am glad you found some washers to “nail” your luggage rack too. I am glad you have not found nails on the road to nail your tires too.

    I hope you like gravel too!

  4. Kelly Heffernan says:

    Macgyver – Finally all caught up with the “in progress” Gone With the Wind. Please drink a Geary’s for me and enjoy the steamers and all that fantastic raw seafood! Then I bet you’ll be able to “nail” something besides your bike. As you head north towards Alaska – beware “the odds are good, but the goods are odd”!!! We luv you and steer clear of the gravel…..

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