There be whales, Captain

So my grand plan for the day (after a dreadfully boring meeting) comprised of deciding to stay another night in Bar Harbor and spend the day whale watching and exploring Acadia National Park on my bike. After taking a breakfast recommendation from the lovely Spanish girl at the front desk, I whipped off to Two Cats for some absolutely delicious banana and strawberry pancakes. I highly recommend this place and not because it seemed to be entirely run by beautiful young women… But that didn’t hurt 🙂

Then it was off to watch whales only to find that the 1pm trip was sold out. Not to worry though… The 4:30 sunset trip had space and allowed me to jump on the beast and head into the park. Five dollars was a bargain for the beautiful scenes throughout the entire park. The cool temperatures were perfect for the motorcycle and I got a few good shots… You know the drill… See below! One is from the top of Champlain Mountain which is the highest point on the eastern seaboard north of Brazil.

After a few hours in the park I made my way to the whale watch only to find it had been cancelled due to fog! GGGRRRRrrrrrr… Perhaps it was not meant to be. So I made a a last minute run back into the park and enjoyed some of the roads I had missed earlier.

Now I am just missing my kids and getting ready for an early departure tomorrow. I have too much crap… What can I leave behind 🙂

My goal tomorrow is to visit the most eastern point in USA and to make it to St. John, New Brunswick in Canada so I can drop in to Steamers for dinner… Thanks for the recommendation Ralph.


One Response to There be whales, Captain

  1. A and A says:

    From Alex:
    Hi Daddy, I miss you. And, Um, (knuckles cracking), I love you. And, Um, (laughter) um, (Mom quit) I hope you are having a good time.

    From Alicia:
    Hi Daddy, I miss you as well. I hope you are having fun and get lots of pictures of wildlife for me ok. I love you.


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