And he’s off…. ERrrrrrrr NO!

So July 5th comes and I am raring to go… See picture below. However, the beast had other ideas. The eagle eyes of Dr. Lopes spotted a small fuel leak coming from seal of the fuel pump and my much anticipated departure was delayed and a new destination added… MAX BMW in North Hampton, NH! I left Boston the following day and enjoyed the lovely rush hour traffic on my way to a hour and twenty minute ride to the dealership. After sweating my stones off in 90 degree weather I finally arrived. They put me in the queue to get my bike fixed and I spent four hours in the waiting room enjoying the company of other BMW owners… Those guys love their Beamers :). I think I made the right choice.

I’m writing this blog from the waiting area… And here comes the bride… Err mechanic I mean. So, after all that there was nothing wrong with the seals. Apparently, some knucklehead didn’t torque the sealing rings properly and they were just finger tight. Hence the leaking. A quick turn of the torque wrench and I was back in business… No charge 🙂

Then the fun really began because I had to make it all the way to Bar Harbor in northern Maine but I only had half the time to do it in. So I left at 1:30 and made it to my hotel room at 8pm. Now that is only eight and a half hours of riding for the day, however, my butt feels like it has been spanked a thousand times… And not in the good way. My butt is just not used to that punishment… its not like I get a lot of long rides in Bermuda! Top that off with I smell really bad and I am checked into some run down skanky motel in the middle of the woods that has no wifi in the rooms! I had to check into the room closest to the lobby because it actually has wifi there… Even though there is nowhere in the lobby to sit down to use a computer… Go figure! Good news is my room has Wifi now 🙂 The view from the room is about the nicest part… See below.

Other highlights of the day include watching an unmarked police car turn around and chase me only to proceed to pull over the guy in front of me. Lucky me… I was definitely thinking ticket on my first day although I would have liked to see the look on his face when I handed him my Bermuda drivers license :). I also had the pleasure of meeting Aengus from Tucson when we both stopped to take pictures of the new bridge outside… Well I have no idea where but it was a cool bridge… See below. Aengus is also on his way to Halifax and Newfoundland and is camping in the Acadia National Park as we speak… I chose hotel on my first night… One thing at a time plus I have a board of directors meeting at 7am so I need a quiet place to yell 🙂

The beast is all quietly tucked in under her cover and the alarm is armed… We will see if she is still there tomorrow :). Now I am beat… And beaten up… Night, night 🙂


4 Responses to And he’s off…. ERrrrrrrr NO!

  1. Nick Faries says:

    Dude, are those golf clubs on that bike?

  2. Emily says:

    I don’t know the name of the cool bridge, but I’ve crossed it many times myself in the last few weeks. It overlooks Bucksport, ME and you can ride an elevator to the top of the first tower! It is the result of stimulus funds and apparently the old bridge is still standing next to it because they ran out of money before they could tear it down.

    • bhm007 says:

      Most beautiful M… thanks for the bridge info… tell Colin not to jump if he ever gets to ride the elevator… you could always push him though 🙂

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